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U.S. Genderqueer Denied Entry to Visit Canadian Partner [May. 12th, 2013|10:45 pm]
Trans Canada



Very disturbing information has emerged about an incident which recently occurred at the Peace Bridge, one of the road crossings along the Canada / U.S. border, at the hands of Canada’s federal Border Services Agency (CBSA).
Toby, 25, is an American citizen and resident of New York state. Identifying as genderqueer, Toby does not use gendered pronouns (such as he or she).

On Wednesday May 1st, Toby boarded a Megabus route from NYC to Toronto, intending to visit their partner of 8 months, Graysen, who is a Canadian living in the Greater Toronto Area.

Read more at the source.

Please read and share.

This incident involved myself and my partner. We would like people to spread the news around and expose the CBSA for its transphobia, ableism and classism.

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