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Canada Border Services Agency policy change [Dec. 19th, 2011|01:04 pm]
Trans Canada


CBSA has updated their policy concerning trans* and intersex people pulled aside for strip searches. Maybe everyone else knows about this already, but it was news to me.


Canada Border Services Agency issued a directive in August telling officers that transsexual and intersexed individuals can choose whether a man or a woman will search them. Or they can opt for a "split search," notes the directive, which involves two sets of border services officers - one all male, the other all female.

"The first set completes the search of the upper body while leaving the lower body clothed," says the directive. "The individual is then permitted to fully dress, and is turned over to a second set of BSOs of the opposite sex to conduct the search of the lower body, while the upper body remains clothed."

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Where to start looking? [Sep. 26th, 2011|10:32 pm]
Trans Canada

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I live in Saskatchewan and I'm looking for advice on how to find a trans friendly doc. I haven't found any websites or resources of any kind for the lgbt community in the province, or at least not any that have been updated in the last decade. I'm still in the very beginning stages of gathering information and looking at my options. I'd like professional medical advice, but I have no idea where to look for a doc with experience in this province. Do any exist?
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Endos in Edmonton [Aug. 7th, 2011|07:38 pm]
Trans Canada

Hey guys. I'm moving to Edmonton in a few weeks and I was just wondering if there's any endos that will prescribe me T without going through the hoops again? I'm going to phone my doctor tomorrow to have a check up with him and mention this to him, but I was just wondering if anyone has any input or trans-friendly doctors/endos.
Thanks and have a good week.
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Rainbow Health Ontario is recruiting 1 Community Outreach Worker [Jul. 12th, 2011|01:42 pm]
Trans Canada

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Rainbow Health Ontario (RHO) is recruiting 1 Community Outreach Worker 
(Part-time -10 hours per month)     

Deadline 5pm, Monday, August 1st 2011

Rainbow Health Ontario (RHO) is a program committed to improving access to services and promoting the health and wellbeing of our lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) communities.

We are currently recruiting an Outreach Worker in: 

LHIN 11          Champlain, which includes Renfrew County, the City of Ottawa, Prescott                                     & Russell, and Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry.


To identify which LHIN you are in and to find out more about the new structure of health care in Ontario, please refer to, www.lhins.on.ca

To get more information and an application package, please go to http://www.RainbowHealthOntario.ca/home/whatsnew.cfm

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Petition [Jun. 29th, 2011|12:21 pm]
Trans Canada

Hey everybody. Was hoping some of you might be interested in signing this http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/bill-c-389/
and letting the Canadian government know that transpeople have rights too. You don't have to be Canadian to sign. Also, if you have friends or others that are interested, please pass this link along to them.
Thanks a lot!
X-posted in FTM (and a few other coms)
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Roomie Needed Winnipeg [Apr. 22nd, 2011|10:15 pm]
Trans Canada
I am a guy in my 20's 7 years on T post hysto 5 years,Clean and Tidy Type
Non Smoker-drugs Rarely Drink Prefer the place to be Trans-Gay Friendly
and Okay with folks with Tattoos I do have pets two bearded dragons
I can pay up to 300 to 350

Contact me Via Email
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Liberal Hedy Fry vows to sponsor trans bill in next Parliament [Apr. 16th, 2011|07:30 am]
Trans Canada

From Xtra! Friday, April 15, 2011

Long-time Liberal incumbent Hedy Fry announced her intention to bring a trans rights bill back under her name in the next parliament.

“It’ll have to get back on the table, and someone has to do it, so I had told them that I would,” Fry says.

The NDP platform has an explicit commitment to moving forward with the aims of C-389, which would have added adding gender identity and gender expression to both the Human Rights Act and the hate crimes provisions of the Criminal Code. Retiring NDP MP Bill Siksay introduced the bill three times before announcing his retirement earlier this year.

For Fry, this remains the unfinished portion of her commitment to queer issues that she first ran on in 1993.

“The issue for me actually in many instances is lack of access to medical interventions and drugs that we see that a lot of the transgendered community aren’t getting,” Fry says. “It’s very spotty across the country, and in some provinces you can get access and in other provinces you cannot. Then that forces those who can afford to, to go to some country where there’s iffy surgery, and I don’t think that’s reasonable and fair given that this is a DSM condition, everyone’s accepted that it’s a medically necessary service that has to be done.”

Fry adds that if the Liberals form a government following the election, she will push to make this bill a piece of government legislation, which will mean faster and easier passage through the machinery of parliament.

If you have a minute please take the time to email Dr. Fry (fryh@parl.gc.ca) and thank her for her ongoing support.

Read the complete article here
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(Pride Toronto) Trans pride open meeting: Tomorrow! [Apr. 5th, 2011|03:39 pm]
Trans Canada
The Pride Toronto Trans March co-coordinators would like to invite community members and organizers to join us for the second Trans March Committee/Community Meeting of 2011.

As the first meeting, this meeting is open to EVERYONE. We want to continue hearing your feedback and concerns about the trans march, stage, afterparty and space. We are going to focus on other important aspects as well- budget, mandate of the committee, etc.

As co-coordinators we are dedicated towards creating transparency around the organization and implementation of Trans Pride. A detailed agenda will be available before the meeting at the “Pride Toronto Trans March 2011” facebook page and blog (www.transpridetoronto.wordpress.com). Please “like” this page for up-to-date information. We will also be emailing and posting the agenda and outcome of the meeting. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please email us.

We encourage those unable to attend the meeting to offer feedback/ concerns/suggestions via email to transmarch@pridetoronto.com.

We would love to hear from trans and gender variant people about the specifics they would like to see included in Pride. We have no interest in continuing the history of tokenism and exclusion that has been the experience of the trans and gender variant community thus far. We do need your help by volunteering your ideas and time and/or being on the committee so that we can accomplish everything we as a community need and want out of the festival.

**It is mandatory for individuals attend THREE committee meetings to become a Committee Member** Committee members can vote at Pride Toronto general meetings.

Trans March Committee Meeting

519 Church Street Community Centre

Wednesday April 6, 2011


Room 204

Thank you,

Pride Toronto Trans March Co-coordinators
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The Bill survives [Mar. 24th, 2011|10:06 am]
Trans Canada

CBC just reported that while business (as in bills) before the House and Senate ‘die’ when the government is disolved, private member bills SURVIVE.

The entry at gender reality is drawing attention from our elected officials.
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The Burnaby Now fails again [Feb. 24th, 2011|08:14 am]
Trans Canada

The Burnaby Now tries to be progressive, fails massively, and attempts to derail and justify their offense.

This week's letter to the Editor:

When a member of an oppressed minority tells you that something you did was offensive, that means it was offensive.

In your latest editorial (Live and Let Live, the Editor's Law), you wrote:

We also published a cartoon that some folks on the pro-transgendered rights side felt was offensive.
They, as well, are entitled to their opinions.
But, frankly, I thought the cartoon reflected a real, but stupid, fear and was neither cruel nor oppressive.
And humour, as many oppressed people have found, is not only a way to get through the oppression, it is also a great way to build bridges.

What you just did is an attempt at derailing. See http://www.derailingfordummies.com/ for a full explanation of the term. You are a member of the privileged group. You have done an offensive action. You have been called on that offensive action. Your proper response should have been to learn from the situation, appologise and never do the offensive action again. Instead you tried to derail and re-state your privilege. You decided to defend your right to be offensive. You decided that your right to be offensive outweighs our right to be offended. You re-stated your privilege and attempted to keep a disadvantaged group disadvantaged.

Your cartoon played up to that "real but stupid" fear. Your cartoon told people that the "real but stupid" fear is indeed justified. Your cartoon restated the Media's longstanding "Deceptive transsexual" trope. Your cartoon reprised the "men in dresses" trope. All of these things keep alive the very dangerous attitude that transsexuals, particularly trans women, are less "real" than so-called "normal" people. That transsexuals are open to being the butt of jokes because they are less "real". That it is okay to laugh at us. It also does a great disservice to trans men by completely erasing them from the public's consciousness.

You believe that your cartoon was neither cruel nor oppressive. Well, you too are entitled to your opinion. Your opinion, however, is utterly wrong. Where you failed is that upon being approached by a member of an oppressed group and being told that your action in fact is oppressive, you did not appologise and retract it, you defended your right to continue being oppressive despite all the rest of your fine-sounding words in your editorial.

Shame on you yet again.

If you wish to let the Burnaby Now know how offensive they are, e-mail editorial @ burnabynow.com. (remove the spaces). They require a daytime phone number in your letter before they'll accept it.

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