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transcanada's Journal

Trans Canada
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Ground rules:

If you're disrespectful to others, you will be removed from this community. Examples of disrespect to other members include name-calling, public mockery, etc., as well as disparaging remarks about one's gender expression/identity, sexual orientation, relationship (if any) to medical/social transition, choices to disclose (or not), and surgical outcomes such as putting down a surgeon's work. We recognize that people value different things in surgical/hormonal results, degrees out outness/stealthness etc. However if you're not in favour of a particular presentation, coming out/disclosure tendency and/or medical procedure, make use of those "I" statements if relevant to explain why these do not work for you (be it due to personal preference, circumstances etc.). Remember that putting any of those things down uniformly is debasing someone's life experience, sense of self and/or body.

Moderators will delete any such comments, as well as any racist, classist, ableist and sexist language. Repeated violations will result in banning.


This community was created with the intent of providing a forum for trans and gender variant people (and their supporters) to exchange information, resources, and support about transitioning in Canada.

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For information on support organizations please see this post. For a list of health care providers, see this post. And, for information on surgeons, please see this post.


Cette communauté fut créée dans le bute de fournir un espace pour échanger de l’information, resources et soutien pour ceux qui sont trans or de divers genres et qui veulent transitionner au Canada ainsi que ceux qui les soutiennent.

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L’information à propos des organization de support ce trouve dans cette entré. Cette entré liste les pourvoyeurs de santé publique. Veulliez voir cette entré pour l’information à propos de chirurgiens.